Terms of business

These terms and regulations, with all potential changes, regard all of our services which are directly or indirectly (through distributers) on disposal over the Internet, through e-mail or telephone. With access, preview and use of our web site or through any platform and/or with performing reservations, you acknowledge that you have read, understood and agree to the terms and regulations stated below.

A Contract is established between the renter and the client with reservations through Aida Tours. In doing so, Aida Tours takes over the role of mediator who, in the name of the renter, responds to all questions the client may have. The contractual obligation of Aida Tours results from ordinary renting of accommodation for vacations. The owner of the accommodation is responsible for the reserved accommodation.

The client is obligated to:

In case these obligations are not fulfilled, the guest carries the responsibility of possible consequences and is obligated to compensate eventual damage. With a confirmation of the reservation, the guest is obligated to compensate any damage done by his fault directly at the scene and to the renter.

The percentage of the deposit that is paid if the guest cancels the reservation.
Number of days to departure:
Up to 30 days to departure 30%
29-15 days 50%
14 to the day of arrival 100%

If the delay was not announced beforehand, the reservation shall be considered null and void starting from the beginning of next day's working hours, from the first day of reservation.


We reserve the right to change the offer before it is accepted in the case that significant circumstances are changed. In the small chance that we need to change or cancel a reservation, we will inform you of this as soon as possible and will try to find alternative accommodation of similar type, standard and location.
In case it is not possible to substitute the reserved accommodation or the offered substitution is not accepted, we reserve the right to cancel the reservation after informing the guest.

If it is not possible to offer alternative accommodation or the alternative accommodation is not accepted, we will refund the entire amount paid which then stops any obligations and responsibilities from us.

Aida Tours takes over the following stated obligations connected to renting accommodation. Aida Tours is obligated to publish on the Internet accessible information regarding traveling and accommodation and to not influence the choice of the client. In doing so, Aida Tours relies on the information received from the renter and cannot be responsible for the accuracy of the published information. Aida tours therefore does not act as a travel organizer but rather as a mediator for traveling. The owner of the accommodation is responsible for the availability of the accommodation.


The procedure regarding a complaint:
If there is some problem regarding your accommodation, we ask that you inform us of this as soon as it is noticed and at the latest within 24 hours so we may repair it. In case you do not do this, all subsequent complaints are canceled. The guest is obligated to cooperate with the representative of Aida Tours and to the provider of repair work in good will in order to remove the cause of the complaint.

You are obligated to care for the property as well as all of the furniture, equipment and environment and to leave it in the same condition as it was when you began using the accommodation.
Final cleaning is included in the price unless you are bringing a pet with you, but you are expected to maintain the regular state of cleanliness and order in the accommodation as you found it. As a lessee you are responsible for all eventual damages or loss of property. The renter reserves the right to charge for every additional cleaning, other than the final cleaning, as well as for compensation for eventual damage.

Aida Tours is not responsible for any damage or loss of property regarding the client or the renter.
Damage done to the rented accommodation or loss of property is the subject of compensation and agreement between the owner and the user of the accommodation.

In case the apartment is cancelled after arrival, or if the user decides to leave the reserved accommodation earlier than stated, he is obligated to pay for the reserved period in full. We do not return payments based on early departures or in case of subsequent changes of opinion regarding the accommodation because of its location, element quality or furniture, noise, privacy, size or view of the surroundings or any other aspect based on subjective evaluation or opinion.

Cleanliness – if you are not satisfied with the cleanliness of the property after you have arrived, you must contact the owner and immediately agree on a repeated cleaning or if he is not available, contact us and we will organize the cleaning.

Handover of the keys, time of arrival and departure
Specific information regarding accommodation, for example, who gives the keys to the client, how the time of arrival and departure is defined, how to get to the accommodation and other important information regarding the trip can be found by the client through the Internet pages, by telephone or e-mail or at the latest, when reserving the accommodation.


Bringing pets is allowed only in accommodation units which have that option marked on our web pages. A certain fee is charged for the pets as well as for the final cleaning. The number of pets needs to be stated before the reservation.

The court in Poreč is authorized to deal with any eventual disputes.